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My Happy place’s vision is to connect like-minded people with each other and to enrich their knowledge and experience of yoga both on and off the mat. We offer the best Yoga Classes in Luxembourg, come and join our classes.

We believe in transformation through daily practice.

Our yoga classes will strengthen your mind, body, and soul while our yoga retreats will challenge, transform, and widen your horizons.

If you find it difficult to take the time to roll out your mat, our yoga studio is located in the middle of the Luxembourg city hustle; were we have created an Eden close to you or your work, so that you can disconnect during your day without being late for your important things.

Helping you to be part of your positive daily ritual!

At My Happy place, we have several world-class 200h and 300h official yoga Alliance teachers’ training programs, enabling you to become the best student and embody your inner teacher. At My Happy Place, we understand that teachers’ training should be remarkable experiences. That brings lots of self-awareness, development, love, appreciation for life, and understanding for yoga much deeper then you could ever imagine.

Moreover, at My Happy Place, we offer a blend of yoga classes including but not limited to yin yoga, yoga Nidra, power yoga/ vinyasa, prenatal and Postnatal yoga, flyhigh yoga, senior, teens and kids yoga, barre yoga, and pilates which aim to improve your mindfulness, posture, and meditation skills, and prepare you for a journey of radical self-discovery.

Corporate Wellness

Companies’ yoga wellness program is a crucial addition to workplaces. Practicing yoga is scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and stop burnouts. At My Happy place (MHP), our qualified and highly experienced teachers will help employees understand the benefits of Yoga and onboard newcomers slowly and adapt/adjust poses for all levels. If you can breathe you can practice Yoga. 

At My Happy Place, we provide different types of yoga classes in Luxembourg and fitness programs including pilates, barre, happy spine, breathing exercises, etc… Sessions are held on-site (indoor/outdoor mat sessions) and virtually/ online, giving employees the flexibility of not taking long breaks and at the same time improve their overall strength and fitness levels. At My Happy Place, we believe in living life with passion, purpose, and love, to share yoga as a lifestyle and practice that supports us in expressing our best selves in the most vibrant and joyful way. Come to us and let’s live a healthy life together.

Our aim at My Happy place is to challenge, educate employees and break down the barriers that Yoga is not only for the young, superfit people who can stand on their heads and twist like a pretzel but it is like music, you have different kinds of music for everybody. Join Yoga Classes in Luxembourg now and stay healthy.

Continue deepening your practice with our regular workshops and events.