About My Happy Place (MHP)

Our mission is to help you live with more peace and ease and become the best version of yourself.

My Happy place’s vision is to connect like-minded people with each other and to enrich their knowledge and experience of yoga both on and off the mat.

Our practical and organic approach to the philosophy of yoga lies at the heart of all that we offer. Our mission is to awaken your full potential and to help you find the path that leads to your wholeness, by guiding you on the philosophy and best practice of yoga in your day to day life, resulting in developing an open heart and a peaceful mind.

Throughout our classes, workshops, and teachers’ training we structure our session around the lineages of yoga, presenting them in a way that is relevant to the modern, city-dwelling yogis. We love to share our passion for yoga with every body, shape, size, age, and status; employed, or between jobs,
student, kid, senior, or retiree, single or divorcee, mother, father, grandparent 😉 you get the idea.

At My Happy Place, we believe that everyone can benefit from the therapeutic practices of Yoga. To this end, we offer various yoga classes ranging from beginners to advance, and other specialty workshops,
and extensive pre-postnatal programs, a Yoga boutique, and local/international Yoga retreats.

Continue deepening your practice with our regular workshops and events. 

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