After moving to Asia in 2010 with a 2 years old daughter and 5 week old baby I needed to find a way to feel more grounded. And Yoga became a true blessing for me!

“Your teacher can open the door but you must enter yourself “ is a Chinese proverb that perfectly fits my experience.

In 2013 we moved to Japan where I found “my guru “. She helped me and introduced me to my yoga journey. Since then I never left this path. 

I practiced and studied ISHTA vinyasa yoga with her everyday for 2 years. ISHTA stands for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda, and its aim is to balance the human organism to create a strong and stable platform for spiritual growth.

When I moved back to Shanghai I wanted to deepen my knowledge and accomplished my 200 hours TTC at “Body and Soul “.
In 2017 I started my teaching journey with “The Yoginis “à group of 5 lady’s who never practiced before. And what was difficult at first became the best challenge of my life. We grew together in every way – mind and body – giving me the opportunity to grow my teaching skills and offering strength to them.
I am so grateful that these “lady’s “trusted me.

My teaching style is full of positive energy that I like to share with a Vinyasa style class. I love to take the time to open the body in a structured way and to use pranayama to achieve specific asanas.”