Yoga Classes

Yoga is more than just a workout, it is a philosophy, a lifestyle for a healthy mind and body state.

At My Happy Place, we provide various yoga practices suited for every type of yogi having different levels, experiences, and abilities. As a Yogi, we listen to our bodies, understand their needs and limitation, and practice accordingly. Yoga is like listening to music, following only one style is not optimal for our development. This is why, at My Happy Place, we encourage our yogis to practices different core and mind classes. You can choose from Power / Vinyasa to flyhigh, Hatha to barre, and even yoga
for “stiff” men looking to increase flexibility.

Everybody is different in stress resistance, injuries, and lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, we always cycle and offer different classes and workshops that cover the 5 elements/ chakras to help you flow like water, be light as the air, and stable like the earth,  unlocking your potential for a total and radical transformation.

Join us and dive in to discover the ultimate you!

You can join our pilates or yoga classes ranging from yin yoga, yoga Nidra, power yoga/ vinyasa, prenatal and Postnatal yoga, flyhigh yoga, senior, teens and kids yoga, and barre yoga which aim to improve your mindfulness, posture, and meditation skills, and prepare you for a journey of radical self-discovery. Within our classes, we aim to help you achieve the following:

  • Relaxation after work or a stressful day
  • A peaceful and re-energized state of mind
  • Energized body
  • increased muscle strength and body flexibility
  • Improved respiration and increase energy levels
  • Weight reduction and improved athletic performance
  • and Protection from injury

Continue deepening your practice with our regular workshops and events.